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Chassis Dyno Locator

Dyno is short for dynamometer, a device that measures torque and can therefore calculate Horse Power. The two main types of dynos are an engine dyno and a chassis dyno. An engine dyno is where your engine is out of the car and connected to a water brake which measures torque and therefore horse power.

A chassis dyno is two large rollers which your cars tires rest on, strapped down, and actually driven. The rollers also measure torque and horsepower. The chassis dyno is a great way to find out how much power your car is making. At the dyno you can tune your car and stop guessing if the change you made actually did anything. Dyno time is not cheap but it can save you a lot of time.

Find A Dyno in Your Area:

NOTE: If your state doesn't show up in the list we don't have a listing for a chassis dyno in that state.
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