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Desktop Dyno 2000© * Cam Files

SMOKEmUP has complied a list of nearly 1500 camshafts for you to browse and search. Simply use the form below to select the engine type and other search parameters your interested in. If your not sure what your looking for leave the cam type, intake / exhaust duration, and lobe separation to don't care. This will return the most results. If your interested in certain cam specs you can select the cam type ( hydraulic, solid, or roller), intake duration, exhaust duration, and or lobe separation. It sure beats searching by hand through cam catalogs!

At SMOKEmUP we like to use the engine simulation program Desktop Dyno© by motion software. This neat program for your pc allows you to build engines on your computer without turning a wrench. Other people have reported accurate results when compared to actual dyno sheets. The thing we don't like to do on Desktop Dyno© is to look up camshaft information and then manually plug it in. Therefore we did the work for you and compiled a list of nearly a thousand camshafts for all types of cars. Simply click on "Download Desktop Dyno 2000© Cam File" and you have the cam file to use on Desktop Dyno©. Don't forget to check back often because we are constantly adding new cam profiles.

NOTE: When searching for a cam with a certain intake, exhaust, or lobe separation you MUST select =, <, > . If you leave the field next to the duration set to don't care the search WILL IGNORE WHAT YOU ENTERED!. Have fun.

To download Desktop Dyno 2000 © cam files you must register and login on the site. You are limited to 50 cams downloaded.


Cam Type:

Intake 0.05" duration:

Exhaust 0.05" Duration:

Lobe Separation:

* Desktop Dyno 2000© is a registered trademark of Motion Software. SMOKEmUP.com has no affiliation with this company. All information provided is for informational purposes only.

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