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700R4 Swap | AN Thread Sizes | Cold Air Induction | Fuels | LS1 Info & Specs | Turbo Tech 101 | Weather Correction | Feature Car - 86 Vette

Technical Articles

700R4 Transmission Info
Considering swapping an overdrive into your car? Well see what's involved. We go over the problems installing a 700R4, gear ratios, dimensions, converter lockup how to. See the destruction pictures of what nitrous oxide does to a 700R4 input drum. More Info.

AN Thread Sizes
Use SAE fittings in place of AN fittings. Page contains a useful cross reference table. More Info.

Cold Air Induction
Cold air induction is a great way to make power. I've been asked by several people how did I make the cold air for my car. Well if your interested read on and see how my 0-60 time went from 5.6 seconds to 5.1 seconds. Part 1 - Part 2.

Which fuel makes the most power, Gasoline, Methanol, or Nitromethane? Some information on the energy content of fuels and which will make the most power. More Info.

LS1 Information and Specifications
Information on GM's LS1 and LS6 engines used in 1997-2004 Camaro's, Firebird's, Corvettes, Trucks, and SUV's. Including cylinder head flow numbers, part numbers, camshaft specs, and general engine information. More Info.

Turbo 101
Are you interested in turbocharging your normally aspirated engine? Or maybe you want to put a bigger turbo on your already turbocharged vehicle. This article will provide you with information you need to select the turbo that is right for you. More Info.

Weather Correction
Weather has a significant effect on how much power engines make. Changes in weather result in changes in the air density. The air density is an indication of how much oxygen content the air contains. This oxygen content relates to how much fuel is burned and therefore how much power is produced. More Info.

Feature Car - 1986 Corvette
Read about a low 12 second 1986 Corvette. More Info.

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