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Cold Air Induction - Part 2

The long awaited follow up to see how much of a difference the cold air made at the track. To recap a little. The last run I made at the track before the coldair was the 13.81 @ 99.45 mph. With the cold air it ran a 13.95 @ 101.04 mph. WHAT!!!! I ran slower! no way. The car weighed in at 3940 and the air temp was approximately 60 degrees.

The ET on the timeslip does not tell the full story. Look closer and compare the 60' for the two timeslips. First thing the car did not start out in first gear, it started in second. I'm not sure if it's a mis adjusted shifter cable or something wrong in the transmission. The other thing is in the staging lane the car was missing a little so I popped the hood and sure enough I had a burning plug wire resting on the header. But this is actually good news considering the trap speed is up 1.5 mph, I started in second with a bad plug wire.

Before this time at the track I was averaging about 2.0 60' times. Just subtracting the 3 -4 tenths that puts me at 13.55 - 13.65 not taking into account starting in second or a burnt plug wire. I'm hoping the final number on the motor will be about 13.4.

Your probably asking why didn't I make more than one pass. The reason is because the track, New England Dragway, was completely mobbed. I have never seen the track that crowded. The good thing was I met some cool people with cool cars. Which will be on the site real soon. By the way If you see me at the track come up and say hi. I would love to hear feedback about the site and can talk about cars forever. You never know, maybe your ride will show up on SMOKEmUP.com.

After this trip to the track the car was later taken to the chassis dyno. The quick numbers are 288 Rear Wheel Horspower. Back to cold air part 1.

TimeSlip with Cold Air TimeSlip without Cold Air
Timeslip with ColdAir Induction Timeslip without ColdAir Induction

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