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Correct 1/4 mi. Timeslip to New Density Altitude
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Measured Density Altitude (Feet)
Correct Timeslip to this Density Altitude. (Feet)
ET (sec)
Trap Speed (mph)

Calculator requires a subscription.

Use this calculator to convert a timeslip at an observed DA to another DA. For example say you ran a 14.0 @ 100 mph with a 2000 foot DA. Your friend ran a 14.3 @ 98 mph at 5000 foot DA and you want to know who's faster. Enter ET - 14.0, trap speed - 100, measured DA - 2000, correct to DA - 5000, and press calcuate. The result is your timeslip corrected to 5000 foot DA is 14.582 @ 96.06 mph. Your friend is running faster than you, time for some Nitrous .

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