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Auto Math - In the Auto Math section you will find several automotive related calculators. Here are some of our calculators, determine horsepower from track results, compression ratio, timeslip corrections, piston speed, effective compression ratio, tire diameter, displacement, speed over an rpm range, fuel injector sizing, air flow, turbo sizing, and eDragstrip © . From bench racing to engine building we have most everything you'll need.

Camshaft Database - At SMOKEmUP we like to use the engine simulation program Desktop Dyno© by motion software. This neat program for your pc allows you to build engines on your computer without turning a wrench. Other people have reported accurate results when compared to actual dyno sheets. The thing we don't like to do on Desktop Dyno© is to look up camshaft information and then manually plug it in. Therefore we did the work for you and compiled a list of nearly a thousand camshafts for all types of cars. Simply click on "Download Desktop Dyno 2000© Cam File" and you have the cam file to use on Desktop Dyno©.

Chassis Dyno Locator - Dyno is short for dynamometer, a device that measures torque and can therefore calculate Horse Power. A chassis dyno is two (or four) large rollers which your cars tires rest on, strapped down, and actually driven. The rollers measure torque and horsepower. The chassis dyno is a great way to find out how much power your car is making. At the dyno you can tune your car and stop guessing if the change you made actually did anything. The problem can be finding places to dyno your car. At SMOKEmUP we complied a list a chassis dyno shops so you can easily find one in your area.

Drag Race Practice Tree - At SMOKEmUP we really like drag racing. Therefore we wrote a cool drag race practice tree where you can work on your reaction time. You can practice on a sportsman full tree with a 0.500 light, or a pro tree with a 0.400 light.It's really but fun and can be addictive.

Forums - The forums are a great place to get your technical questions answered. The people on SMOKEmUP forums are very easy going and knowledgable. Some of our members are hard core engine builders to newbie's just starting to learn about cars. All we ask is you be polite and have an open mind to learn.

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